Burnit Quest v0.9.14 Update

Hellooooooooooooooo everyone!

It's due time for another


This new version counts with all of stage 4, including the fishing stage and a new boss!
Get ready to run like the wind in the arid sands of Per Plateau!

🔥New content!
  • Fishing stage:  Get ready to do long squats and catch as many fish as you can
  • Run away from a stampede of minions alongside Raul, the new guardian
  • Face Nokoset, the most challenging boss yet, crossing suspended bridges and avoiding his bug minions.
  • Replaced tutorial screens with 3D models, so that the exercise's moves are clearer.
  • New awesome theme song in the Splash page! (+Final mixed songs for most available stages & versus/endless run modes)
  • Two new skills were added to the skilltree
    • Range: Now you can improve the bullet's range!
    • Knock back: Push enemies to a safe distance from you
🪲Bug and Balance Fixes
oh wow, I don't even know where to begin with this one....
  • Improved Navigation, removed bugs between stages
  • Improved image quality in many of the stages (most images were the wrong resolution and appeared to be very blurry)
  • Fixed Regata's feedback system so that it doesn't overlap
  • Balanced minion and boss levels so they're harder in later stages
  • Fixed the underwater multishot
  • Fixed calory count for jumping jacks (it was counting the number of calories burned by a punch instead of the correct number)
  • NPC dialog system now is distance based instead of collision based, so it's way more responsive
  • Fixed physics in many of the minions
  • A bunch of tileset tweaks in most stages

That's it! =) As always! Stay fit and stay safe! 

We are on our final stretch to get Burnit Quest on Steam, please help us out by sharing the project.

Wompa wompa bye bye!


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Oct 18, 2021

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