​Version 0.6 is out with 4 new stages and new exercises! =)

Here is a list of new features included:

Minor changes and bug fixes:

  • New NPC dialog system
  • Fixed Multishot, Punch Combo and Shield Sphere skills (now they work properly)
  • Fixed some layer issues

Major Changes:

  • Reduced the number of Worlds for project scope reasons
  • 4 new stages with new play styles!


BurnitQuest v0.6.4 (Windows) 101 MB
May 13, 2021
BurnitQuest v0.6.4 (Linux) 92 MB
May 13, 2021
BurnitQuest v0.6.4 (Mac OS) 102 MB
May 15, 2021
Fit Controller (Google Play Store)
Apr 26, 2021
Fit Controller (Apple App Store)
Apr 26, 2021

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