Burnit Quest v0.9.4 Update

Hey everyone! This time there'll be no announcement trailer as the new content is still quite limited, heres what's new on this new version:

Bug and balance fixes:

  • Improved graphics in the village levels (it was quite outdate, especially when I compared it to the new stages!)
  • Improved NPC dialog detection throughout the game!
  • Adjusted graphic bugs and balanced regata's feedback.

New content!:

  • the final boss for the beach stages is finally complete
  • the first two stages in the Plateau levels are also good to go!
  • new enemy: Dremit , a skipping coward lizard that spits on you if you get too close


Burnit Quest v0.9.4 (Windows) 100 MB
Sep 10, 2021
BurnitQuest v0.9.4 (MacOS) 504 MB
Sep 10, 2021

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