Burnit Quest v0.8.6 Update

Hey! It's been a while folks!

I got a new part-time job to be able to pay for musicians and animators for our project, that's why the development rhythm was a bit swamped this last month.

Besides that we only got good news to share!
14/40 stages are developed!

The four new beach stages are longer than the previous ones not counting with all the new enemies and mechanics!

Fixes and Updates:

  • Fixed bugs in co-op mode, now the hamster spawns besides you if you turn co-op on midway through a stage.
  • Added two new enemies:
    • Pospan: A squid that circles around you until you get rid of it.
    • Nukkua: A crab that shoots projectiles from the top of his head.
  • New final sountracks for the Lope Village, Water Stages, Lauf Forest and Beach. Cheers to our Music Crew from Silverpine Project.
  • New cover art by Kami Queiroz!
  • Tons of bug and visual improvements throughout the game.
  • Fixed saving system, so that it tracks skills and progress properly.
  • Discontinued the Linux version until it is stabilized


BurnitQuest v0.8.6 (Windows) 101 MB
Aug 01, 2021
BurnitQuest v0.7.10 (MacOS) 531 MB
Jun 16, 2021

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